Interview: “Khalil talks about the Asia Tour 2015 in private with his work team”

Mr. Khalil. How was your first time in Asia?

– Well, my first time in Asia was a challenge for me. Since 2013 to 2015 I passed a period of important changes in my personal and professional life , when that time finished I was ready to continue my career and that was the beginning of the Asia Tour. In the beginning when I received the proposal to work in Asia I felt surprised, and then a little scary. A new version of me was going to appear and that was the first test.

What do you mean with “a new version of me”?

– I think that every human being has important life’s changes at less every 4 years, sometimes faster than that, and I mean deeply changes that comes from the inside out. For me dance is directly connected with our life and when something inside us change, well our dance,  our way to express also change, sometimes our feeling too. We need to work in all that changes and learn how to follow the process in the best way to get better results.

We received hounded positive of messages from students that joined your classes in different cities. How was your experience with the Asian students?

– As usual all my workshops star with one hour of technique and after a coreography. When I suggested that to the organizers of Asia Tour, many of them complained, expressing  that Asian students loves choreography classes. I insisted with my idea and later in the classes students started asking more technique classes.  Sometimes choreography classes may become bored but in my case I got an interesting system that allow students to explore their bodies and skills, and then use all that to create their own choreography. Students started asking private lesson to understand more about technique and the popularity of my classes became higher.

We also heard very good comments about the show that is also new as we know, can you give us details about that?
– Well, for me the show is my special moment, and maybe the one that I more enjoy. I love to be on the stage, I love to conect with every eyes in the audience, try to see how they feel and what they need. My show is a selection of songs that I feel comfortable dancing. When you dance you need to feel relaxed for conect with your feelings, with the music and audience. I try  to create a different scene in every change of costume, my show in continued and interactive. This year I released a new video dancing to the Lebanese song 3la Remsh 3younha, the song and the coreography was very well received and become a hit this year, so I included this performance in my shows and the videos of every city are available to watch in my YouTube Channel 

How do you manage the love of your fans and friends?

– Well, I don’t really know who love to the other more, I love my fans and friend maybe more that me, lol. They are the reason of my career, they are ready to share with me all my news, shows, and classes. Some times in difficult to wait some months to see them again. Anyways through my Facebook Fan Page I’m always in touch with everybody.

Thanks so much and we hope to talk with you soon 🙂

– Thanks so much to all Khalil’s Team that is always supporting and helping me with every project!!

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