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ِِِKhalil Khalil | A7sas | OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP | 2018

Khalil Khalil is back to the stage!

After a deep redefinition stage I’m ready to return! I’m happy to say that I have worked on a full show including new songs and powerful choreographies! Wait my new songs and music videos soon!

بعد مرحلة إعادة تعريف عميقة أنا على استعداد للعودة! أنا سعيد أن أقول إنني عملت على عرض كامل بما في ذلك الأغاني الجديدة وقوية الرقصات! انتظر الأغاني الجديدة ومقاطع الفيديو الموسيقية قريبا!

Khalilo! Bellydance Music available on ITunes 

Khalilo! Belly Dance Music – EP by Khalil Khalil & Sherif Al Abiad

Khalil Khalil & Khalil’s Team Management presents “Jubilation Tour 2017/18”

Egypt’s First Openly Male Dancer is breaking the international borders and launching a new World Tour in more than 15 cities around the world. 

Oriental dance is a human artistic expression with more than 5000 years of history and perceptions can be as varied as prohibited.

This morning Khalil announced the pre launch of his new World Tour named “Jubilation” in his official Facebook Fan Page.

Book a show or workshop in your country now!

Khalil’s show is a performance of the highest artistic level that includes a unique choreographic and musical repertoire of this artist. The show, in its shorter version has a continuous duration of 25 minutes, where the featured dancer suddenly change his costumes, showcasing the best of high fashion of oriental dance. Read More

Khalil is positioned as a new expert in the educational market due to his extensive education and experience in different styles of oriental dance as you can see in his videos. He studies and teaches belly dancing as a science, considering this form of study the necessary one to achieve high quality SCENIC results. Read More


Khalil was a guitar player in his beginings…

Researching more in deep, the Team discovered that Khalil was in the beginning of his career a guitar player. We asked him personally and he told us that he studied music for 10 years and he got two government official diplomas, one of Music Theory and Solfege Teacher, and another of Guitar Superior Teacher.

Khalil Khalil Egyptian Dancer
Khalil Khalil


Onother picture with the legendary Nagwa Fouad