Khalil Khalil

Khalil Khalil – Cairo, Egypt

Khalil Khalil also known as Jalil Jalil (born January 10, 1987), is a male bellydancer and producer. He was appointed as the “Egypt’s first openly male belly dancer” by the renowned Egyptian Magazine “Cairo Scene”.


khalil is a controversial figure, a strong and rebellious personality. Throughout his career he has consolidated important relationships in the commercial and artistic scope. Khalil scored a large number of fans and followers, also he waked envy and hatred which threatened his career more than once.


The talented Male Bellydancer traveled for work in The Caribean in prestigious “Maunaloa Theater” sited in the city of Santo Domingo and later in the turistic city of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He also appeared in TV and was interviewed in several opportunities in the MMC Group Studios, the biggest informative group of the caribean. After that he traveled to work two times in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, and more than four times in the city of Santiago de Chile in South America.

In Cairo, Egypt he worked in five star hotels such as Barceló, Mercure, Pyramisa, the Mena House and on luxurious boats on the Nile River, as well as at Egyptian Weddings and special functions.
In 2013 Khalil signed a contract for 12,000 Egyptian pounds, to work dancing at a private birthday of a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family in the city of Cairo.


“Layali Al Helmeya” (A dreaming night) where Khalil’s Team decided to invest and produce in Argentina, South America. A luxurious Dinner Show with multiples animators, singers and dancers from Middle East, Europe and America. The night ended with the impressive performance of Khalil with his live own music Orchestra. The event received 500 guests.

Khalil Of Cairo DVD – An interesting video production, was filmed in a boat on the Nile River. The project was headed by the famous Egyptian director and film maker Sharif Abdel Ghaffar in co-production with JY Studios.

Academic Studies

-Superior Teacher of Music (Graduated)
-Musical Theater Actor and Dancer (Graduated)
Individual Studies and Investigations.
Corporal expression and body language

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