As Khalil says, much of his work is about showing people how they can realize their dream and guiding them on the path to achieve it.

Khalil is positioned as a new expert in the educational market due to his extensive education and experience in different styles of oriental dance as you can see in his videos. He studies and teaches belly dancing as a science, considering this form of study the necessary one to achieve high quality SCENIC results.

Khalil says that dancers needs tools and specific skills and ready processes for their professional development, for example:

Extensive knowledge of the existing elements and their origins
Capacity recognition and differentiation
Clarity, order and visualization of information
Introspection and identification
Experimentation and testing

To the surprise of many students and professionals who attend to classes, Khalil’s system of study does not include theory classes, the way of teaching is practiced simultaneously explanatory, as well practicing mental processes of differentiation for concepts while dancing to improve dynamics and quality of improvisations. The new system of teaching is gradually passing through borders, the vast amount informational content and the processes of teaching and learning outdid everything available so far and is ready for its acquisition and study.


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