Khalil Khalil

Khalil Khalil also known as Jalil Jalil (born January 10, 1987), is a dancer, model and actor. He was appointed as the “Egypt’s first openly male belly dancer” by the renowned Egyptian Magazine “Cairo Scene”. 

Khalil began his career at the age fifteen appearing on TV in Venezuela, Egypt, Chile, Argentina and Dominican Republic as the ambassador of Egyptian Dance worldwide. Years later Khalil toured more than 30 cities around the world presenting his own concerts with great success in Korea, China and Japan.


The talented Male Bellydancer traveled for work in The Caribean in prestigious “Maunaloa Theater” sited in the city of Santo Domingo and later in the turistic cities of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He also appeared in TV and was interviewed in the MMC Group Studios, the biggest informative group of the caribean. 

In Cairo, Egypt he worked in five star hotels such as Barceló, Mercure, Pyramisa, the Mena House and on luxurious boats on the Nile River, as well as at Egyptian Weddings and special functions. 

Since 2014, Khalil toured more than 30 cities around the world with his tour “Khalilo”, including 12 cities of China, with own concerts in Shanghai and Beijing. The success of the tour attracted the Japanese and Korean fans becoming popular his shows is the cities of Seoul and Tokio.

Music Productions 

Khalilo! Bellydance Music. The exclusive music of the world tour “Khalilo”. The album selled more than 1000 copies on ITunes Music.

Social Media Status:

Facebook Fan Page: 89.000 followers.

Twitter: 4,500 followers.

Instagram: 4,300 followers.

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