Khalil Khalil in Osaka DVD – NOW AVAILABLE 

KHALIL LIVE IN OSAKA DVD! Watch the resume of the show! One of the greatest Egyptian Dance Artist Ever! KHALIL KHALIL IN OSAKA DVD is available at

Khalil Khalil by Shanghai International Fashion Co. 2015

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Khalil’s show is a performance of the highest artistic level that includes a unique choreographic and musical repertoire of this artist. The show, in its shorter version has a continuous duration of 25 minutes, where the featured dancer suddenly change his costumes, showcasing the best of high fashion of oriental dance. Read More

Khalil is positioned as a new expert in the educational market due to his extensive education and experience in different styles of oriental dance as you can see in his videos. He studies and teaches belly dancing as a science, considering this form of study the necessary one to achieve high quality SCENIC results. Read More


The King Of Dance

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